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US Universities for Fall-2014 -MS in MIS

Asked by seekingwest

Hi, I am currently working as a Consultant at the Oracle corp for 2+ years now in a Technical + functional (Financial) role on a variety of banking-financial software products. I am interested in pursuing an MS in MIS in the US. I have already appeared for my Gre with a score of 309/340 [verbal-149 | Quant:160] and an AWA score of 1.5 . Giving my educational background, I am a B.E- Computer Engg -2010 from the Mumbai university(K.J.Somiaya College of engineering) with an aggregate score of 60.29% (all 8 semesters) .Unfortunately due to ill health I had to take an years drop during my education (2008-2009) but covered it soon with a 60%+ score. Also I had been very active in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities during my college days with being the Joint general secretary of the ISTE of my college and a free-time software project maker (which I developed further during my drop year and polish it even now in my spare time) respectively. I have a few queries on the way to my prospect. I humbly request your kind and invaluable guidance on the same:
1. Where do I stand and What are the possible universities that I shud try with/for this profile? My gre score seems to be descent but would an AWA score this bad overshadow it? Also what is the importance given to AWA by the universities.

2. Do I consider re-appear for the GRE to just improve my AWA score ? In that case is the previous gre score rendered invalid ? Which score IN EACH SECTION do the universities consider on submitting multiple gre scores- Is it the best ,is it average score or is it the latest on each section? I am worried that in the process of getting a better score for the AWA ,worst case if I get a low on the verbal and quant section my previous scores will be rendered useless - Please Guide me through this.

3. Also since I have an year's time before I apply what steps shud I take in a view to improve my profile and SOP considering a course like MIS. Also would the same steps facilitate a scholarship or a TA/GA/RA ? How much is community service, white papers , conducting technology seminars helpful in this regard coz I have ample time for that.

I once again humbly request your kind guidance on my above queries facilitating my journey to the US.




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