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My gre score is 316. Can you suggest me good universities to apply to in US?

Asked by Sunaiyana

I have 83% in 10th, 82% in 12th and 67% in B.E..
I have also working with a reknowned IT company and passed my training with good CGPA. I want to apply for a MS degree in the US for fall 2013. It would be really great if you could help me shortlist universities.


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    Dipika JainWed, 12 Sep 2012 05:20:55 -0000


    Though you mentioned your profile quite in details, there are certain aspects that we consider for appropriate selection of universities. Also, an overall score on GRE is a combination of varying verbal and quantitative section. For instance, a 151 and 166 on the verbal and quantitative sections respectively is likely to have a varying short list of universities in comparison to a combination of 157 verbal and 160 quantitative score for the same profile and the program, though the overall scores are the same.

    In fact, if you get back with the sectional breakup, projected scores on TOEFL, academic details or say your resume`, we can guide you with a list of universities and categorize them as ambitious, moderate and safe as per your profile, provided you avail our counseling services.

    If interested or wish to know more on the same, you may either forward your details at or drop your details in the link below :

    Counseling Services

    As of now, you may go through some of the following options and since you still have to take the TOEFL, you may click here for detailed information on the same and avail the practice tests as well :

    1. University of Pennsylvania
    2. Purdue University
    3. University of Florida
    4. University of Texas, Dallas
    5. University of Utah

    I hope this helps!

    Take care!

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