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Is my gre scoe is wrothy enough to get into top univ?

Asked by giridhar49

I have my with 76% and have 2+ years of IT eperience.
I got gre score of 297 ( Quant-160 & Verbal - 137).
I have Linu and solaris certifications and one conference i have attended.


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    Dipika JainTue, 12 Jun 2012 04:37:16 -0000


    Well, students with similar scores have made though US universities for varying degree programs. We can definitely help you with the apt list of universities and the relevant details. However, you must understand that though the general eligibility criteria and the proceedings remain common for all the US universities, the specific details and minimum requirements are likely to vary in every university. For instance a score that is acceptable for a Masters in Computer science may not meet with the minimum requirements of Masters in Chemical Engineering.

    I would recommend you consider our Counseling Services, where we have a team of professional experts willing to assist you with appropriate short listing of universities based on your profile, interests and individual preferences like financial restrictions etc. We further extend our services with appropriate guidance towards the preparation on necessary documents like the resume`, statement of purpose, reference letters etc. that to a some extent are motivating factors to give the extra push needed to face the stiff competition. You can also look for visa guidance in our services.

    If interested do forward details on your profile in terms of the academic background and grades, scores on Test of English as a Foreign Language-TOEFL / International English Language Testing Systems-IELTS, intended program for higher studies etc. at so that we can guide you better.

    Also, I perceive you are considering higher education in Information Technology and hence I have listed few options at random for your reference :

    George Mason University
    University of Utah
    University of Texas, Dallas

    I hope this helps!

    Take care!

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