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for test and college

Asked by SHAHMSS

presently in the third year of it and planning to be study in abroad for ms. pl. let us know the formalities and procedure to get the best college with scholarship.


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    Dipika JainSat, 02 Jun 2012 02:20:04 -0000


    Well, to start off you should begin preparing and registering for the test takes (Graduate Record Examination-GRE & Test of English as a Foreign Language-TOEFL / International English Language Testing Systems-IELTS) so that you can appear for the tests by the beginning of the final year or the end of the third yea. This should leave you with ample time to work on the application proceedings, sufficient time understanding the education pattern, the curriculum, how you need to assess the program as per your interest and goals, how to select the universities, prepare for the application procedure etc.

    Now while a lot is spoken about the financial assistance from universities abroad, these are generally merit based and rarely need based and w can try to help you avail the best possible options keeping in mind your profile and priorities.

    Remember applying abroad is not just about filling application forms and sending them to the respective universities. It is a time consuming and tedious procedure and calls for professional guidance. I would hence recommend you consider our Counseling Services, where we have a team of professional experts willing to assist you with appropriate short listing of universities based on your profile, interests and individual preferences like financial restrictions etc., towards the preparation on necessary documents like the resume`, statement of purpose, reference letters etc. and the visa formalities as well.

    If interested in our services, please forward your resume` and the specified details at so that we can guide you further.

    Good luck!

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