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i am eligible for getting adimisions for masters in indutrial pharmacy in usa ?

Asked by srinivask2008

my gre score is 301
B.Pharm 70%
10th and 12th above 80%


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    Dipika JainSat, 02 Jun 2012 02:25:11 -0000


    I have not come across many options in USA for Industrial Pharmacy or say any other location as well. Also, the sectional breakup of the scores on GRE makes the assessment more appropriate.

    I would recommend you broaden your options and consider a Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences with sufficient curriculum in the field of interest while prioritizing on the available options for Masters in Industrial Pharmacy.

    Though I have listed some options for you to go through, you must remember that the list is likely to change once we have the sectional breakup on the GRE scores and the detailed curriculum of the undergoing degree. If interested in more and appropriate options for your profile, you are requested to avail our counseling services. You can initiate the procedure by forwarding the specified details and your resume` at :

    Virginia Commonwealth University (Pharmacy Administration)
    Long Island University of Brooklyn Campus (Industrial Pharmacy)
    Idaho State University (Pharmacy Administration)

    I hope this helps!

    Take care!

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