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how transfer Sevis fee to another Sevis ID

Asked by tony4cupidz

i had deffered my application Spring to fall now i want to transfer my Sevis fee to new sevis ID. can you tell me the procedure for that..


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    Ankita AroraSat, 19 May 2012 10:11:27 -0000


    You can transfer your SEVIS-I 901 fees from one SEVIS id to another. There is a provision for the same.

    For this you need to send a request to SEVP, Students Exchange and Visitor Program, National security Investigations Division.

    For this you need to mail or email SEVP with the following details:

    • Original SEVIS id number on which you originally paid your fees
    • New SEVIS id on which you want to get your fess transferred to
    • Current valid mailing address where you can receive Form I-797 receipt(This will reflect your new SEVIS id).

    While you mail/email all the above mentioned details, you need to mention the reason behind the request.

    To speed up the process do mention your original receipt number or send a copy of the same if mailing the request.

    You can check the process in detail over here:

    Hope the above information helps!

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