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doing master in physiotherapy in usa

Asked by shaaz_786

Hi i.have completed my bachelors in physiotherapy last year with my intership and ielts with.7.5 scores.i wana in physiotherapy.from usa .can u suggest me some universities and how to start tbe process.and one more.thing whts the duration for competinv master. Thnx


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    Ankita AroraThu, 03 May 2012 12:27:02 -0000


    Thanks for approaching us for your study abroad queries!

    Your IELTS score is pretty good. Other than this you would require to appear for Graduate Record Examination GRE as well.

    For further information on physiotherapy programs you can refer to the following weblinks of similar queries answered earlier.

    Physiotherapy queries

    Physiotherapy queries

    You can elaborate a little further on your profile details. This would help us to give you more appropriate options you can apply to.

    Also we offer counseling services to students to assist them in the entire admissions process from start to end including the Visa procedure.

    In case you would like to know more about the same or to speak to our counseling team, you can call us at toll free number 1800 420 3039

    Else you can reach me for any further information required at

    Hope you will provide us with an opportunity to assist you further!

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