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Want to do MS Chemical in US Universities

Asked by ssrikanth27

Please guid me, what exams to write, thier Schedule and prep time, exam writing place (I am from Bangalore) and fee and other expense etc..

Thanks and Regards,


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    Ankita AroraThu, 03 May 2012 12:11:48 -0000

    Hello Shrikanth,

    I believe the answer posted to one of your other queries should take care of the information required on the requisite standardized tests.

    Other than this, you can start your preparations for these tests as early as possible.

    In case you plan well for the preparations, you would be able to apply for Fall 2013. For this admission session your application process ideally should begin by the month of October.

    In case you bachelor's degree completes by next year, you can consider applying to Fall 2013.

    For test take, you can register for the tests at ETS website. Following are the links for the same:

    GRE Registration

    TOEFL Registration

    The above links would take you through the registration process.

    In case you still have queries related o admissions you can reach us back.

    Also keep in touch for further guidance required.

    Good Luck!

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