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How to do a M.S/M.Tech/M.E from abroad in Computer Engineering .

Asked by banerjeephalguni

Respected Mam,
I am interested to do Masters from foreign university .I am a B.Tech in CSE and having 3+ years of industry experience .Please reply me back asap .

91 9800422553


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    Ankita AroraWed, 25 Apr 2012 07:03:14 -0000

    Hello Phalgini,

    Thanks for approaching Learnhub for your queries!

    Admissions into Universities abroad are definitely possible. Admissions into Masters program in US are based on complete profile of the students which consists of your GRE scores, TOEFL scores, academic percentage and yes your work experience will surely help to a good extent for admissions.

    For further suggestions on this, I suggest you to kindly share your profile credentials and plans to take up the standardized tests mentioned above.

    To give you a head start, you can check out the practice tests on GRE and TOEFL over here:

    GRE Practice Test

    TOEFL Practice Test

    There are many Universities in US offering Masters in Computer Science. Selection of Universities which suit your profile the best is important for maximum admission chances. Let me know if you have any preferences while choosing Universities.

    The next admission intake is Spring 2013 for which the applications deadlines would start July onward. After Spring 2013 there is Fall 2013 admission intake which most of the international students prefer. In this regard kindly let me know which admission intake would you prefer.

    I have given you a bird's eye view of the admissions process.

    Kindly post your queries for any specific inquiries.

    We would be happy to help.

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