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help need for admission decision

Asked by gautam_classic

Hello Sir/Ma'am,

I ve got admission from 2 Univ's for MS in EE

1. UTD - no Aid, I20 amount: 36500$ for 9 months
2. NJIT - got a fellowship of 2000$ for each semester, I 20 amount: 41360$ for 12 months.

why does Univs give I-20 for 2 different period of months (UTD for 9 months, NJIT for 12 months)

I would like to know which one of the above Univ's is best in Post masters Jobs, Research, ranking and internships etc.,

Your help would be highly praised.

Warm regards,
Goutham Selvaraj.


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    Ankita AroraWed, 25 Apr 2012 08:14:48 -0000

    Hello Gautam,

    Thanks for considering Learnhub to sort out your queries!

    There is a difference in the duration quoted in the I 20 of the two Universities reason being, the three months duration is of summers.

    It is basically a vacation period. But most of the students prefer doing internships or on campus jobs in this duration. To add to your knowledge this is the time span when you can work full time.

    It is actually University's discretion to take account of these three months in your tuition and living expenses or not.

    Considering the ranks of the Universities University of Texas at Dallas is better but from job prospects, New Jersey Institute of technology could be better as New Jersey could give you location advantage.

    I believe the above information helps.

    Also as you would be applying for your student Visa soon, we can assist you in the Visa process as we have Visa counselors working in our team.

    For this you can reach me at

    All the Best!

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