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are community colleges good for engineering in computer science?

Asked by cakephp1

I would like to apply for engineering in computer science.
Is it possible to have 2 years in a community college and next 2 in a university and have a engineering degree at the end?


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    Ankita AroraFri, 27 Apr 2012 11:18:51 -0000


    Referring to your query, admissions are possible in community colleges as well.

    Community Colleges offer you two years associate degrees. After graduating form a community college you can transfer to a University and can complete a bachelors degree in next two-three years.

    This definitely saves you a lot of costs involved in obtaining a bachelor's degree in US.

    If you have interest in knowing Community Colleges you can apply to and would like to proceed with the admissions process with Learnhub assistance, do get back to us at the earliest.

    As mentioned earlier as well on of your queries. you can either email me at or can leave your details in the link below:

    Counselling Services

    We would be happy to assist you in the admissions process.

    Hope you will provide us with an opportunity to counsel you further!

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