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Govt. demands Indian doctors heading to USA for further studies to sign a bond to return

Posted Tue, 24 Apr 2012 11:14:48 -0000

Indian Government issues a notice to all doctors interested in higher education abroad to sign a bond. According to the bond, the doctors and medical students heading abroad for studies will need to return on completion of their study program and work in India.

"From this year onwards, any student going for further medical education to the US will have to give us a bond that he will come back after finishing the studies. In the last three years, 3000 doctors went abroad for studies and did not return. Now if a student does not come back from the US, he won't be allowed to practice there," health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said.

This is further to US demanding a NOC from government for any student enrolling in an Americal institute for his higher studies.

Azad further said, "No other country except the US is asking for this NOC. Those who apply to go to the US for studies from 2012, will have to give us a bond saying they would come back after finishing the studies. If they don't fulfill the bond obligation, we can write to the US to deny the student permission to practice,"

Source: The Times of India


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