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Number of GMAT Takers in India Falls by 9%

Posted Mon, 14 May 2012 11:36:24 -0000

Following closely in the heels of the GRE, now the number of GMAT aspirants in India has dipped. Compared to around 6200 in 2008, the number of aspirants is a mere 5700 in 2009.

This is seen as a direct impact of the economic meltdown. Experts believe that the onset of a recession makes students go for further studies.

However, the stabilization of a recession makes is more likely that students continue with their jobs, postponing further study options till the economy takes a turn for the better. Another aspect favoring the dip is the recent decline of the rupee with respect to the dollar.

South Korea is another country, where a similar trend (20% reduction) can be observed. On the contrary, the number of GMAT takers in China has risen by 34%.


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