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US justifies radio-tagging of Indian students

Posted Mon, 14 May 2012 09:36:57 -0000

It seems the US officials have no sympathy for duped Indian students. Justifying the use of ankle monitors to electronically tag the movement of Tri-Vally University (TVU) students, the US government has said that use of ankle monitors is widespread across the country and is a standard procedure for a variety of investigations, and does not necessarily imply guilt or suspicion of criminal activity.

Back in India, the parents of these students are angry and anxious. They are uncertain about their children's future. Even the Andhra government has set up a helpline for addressing the queries of the families.

Sharing his agony with IBN, 58-year-old Prakash Rao, whose daughter is one of the unfortunate students who was duped and is likely to be deported back to India, said, "We are wondering why the government is not responding to requests. These are students whose careers are now in question."

It is a case where dreams of thousands of students turned into nighmares. Every year more than 1 lakh students fly to the US every year for higher studies. 35 per cent of them are from Andhra Pradesh. Many students from this fraudulent university belonged to Andhra. Today, some among them are suspects being investigated for complicity in the fraud. Students are also being probed for duping others in return for money.

The university was running a scam where it was selling work limits. The university was permitted to enrol just 30 students, but it had more than 1500 students by September 2010 with another 1000 waiting to be enrolled. The school held no classes - but not too many students complained. What is also shocking that there are records that show 700 of these students living in one apartment, which is perceived by investigators as an attempt to hide the fact that students were not living in California.

It is indeed tough time for these duped students. They are being investigated, have to wear radio tagged, and are facing a huge risk of their careers being destroyed. While Indian government is criticising the students meted out to these students, and families are lodging protests.

The concern is this university scam only a small part of increasing visa frauds and are the students victims or are they party to the conspiracy? Do the students deserve this treatment? Please give us your valuable feedback.

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