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Increasing Competition from International Universities for US & UK Universities

Posted Mon, 14 May 2012 11:38:56 -0000

A report commissioned by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has stated that mergers between US and UK Universities could be a way of coping with competition from new colleges and Universities in India, China, Korea and the Middle East. With an increasing number of international campuses opening up, the task of attracting international students to US/UK in growing numbers has become complicated.

A recommendation in the report is the institution of an ambitious scholarship that will annually role out to around 12000 students (with half of the scholarship awards going to international students). This scholarship would be funded by the US & UK Governments, Private Sector Firms, Philanthropic Institutes and by other Universities. The other alternative to co-operation would be mutual competition. Given the current trends, it is unlikely that the higher education scenario would radically improve in the event of intensification of competition between US & UK institutes.


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