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10 Jobs For Study Abroad Aspirants From Career Colleges

by Oren Lahav

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Career colleges offer short programs that will develop your skills and get you ready directly for a great job. And what types of jobs can you expect? Well, take a look at our list of:

Top Jobs you get from Career College Programs!

1. Nursing

One of the top professions the world is going to need in spite of an economic crisis is nursing. It's a very challenging job, requiring both great expertise and healthcare knowledge as well as the soft people skills to handle patients and make them feel better. Nurses get paid fairly well, and their job is tough yet fulfilling. This is easily one of the most popular programs in career colleges.

2. Computer technology

You can become anything from a programmer to a software designer using the knowledge of computer languages and software creation gained at computer technology career college programs. Work for large computer giants or small start-ups, there are lots of options for you to find just the type of environment that fits you. The high-tech industry is constantly growing and computer experts are in demand.

3. Business Administration

Sure, you can get a BBA degree by studying at a university, but then you'd have to bother with stupid theories and courses that don't relate to the real world at all. Career College offer business programs that have connections with real companies and can help you learn skills that are actually applicable when you graduate. There are countless types of jobs you can get with a business administration certificate- from a salesperson to business associate. Also, there's lots of money to be made.

4. Culinary Arts

Do you like food? Ever thought of becoming a chef? Culinary arts programs are offered by several career colleges, some of them among the world's most famous "food schools". Translate your love of food to money by going to a career college and becoming a chef, caterer, food critique, or another food-related profession. There are lots of great (and tasty) options.

5. Radio and Television Broadcasting

Work behind the scenes of great TV and radio shows! Join the entertainment industry and have lots of fun. These career college programs can help you become a radio or TV technician, broadcaster, or any one of the numerous jobs you can find in the credits that scroll by once your favourite show ends. There are lots of people behind the scenes getting good money and a great job doing what they love, and a career college program can help you join them.

6. Health Care and Pharmacy

This industry is growing, and graduates are constantly in demand. A career college certificate can allow you to become a pharmacy technician, a medical receptionist or a dental assistant. Get involved with people's health and have a truly meaningful job that makes a difference in people's lives. You can still work in healthcare even if you don't want to work as hard and study as much as a doctor- a career college can be the way to go.

7. Paralegal

Lawyers aren't the only people who work in law- they need administrative help and general assistance. A career college program can help you become a paralegal in a much shorter time and less money and effort than it takes to become a lawyer, and you'll still be involved in the legal system and be able to put criminals behind bars or protect the innocent. It's hard work, but it pays off.

8. Massage Therapy

Massage, sports therapy, and other form of therapy are all taught in career colleges. These jobs may not sound glamorous, but they pay well and will allow you to help people improve their lives and ease their pain. Therapists are in increasingly high demand everywhere, which is no surprise with the amount of financial stress people are under these days. Here's your chance to help.

9. Arts and Design

Are you artistic and creative? Translating artistic talents into skills that can help you find a good job can be hard, but a career college does exactly that. From commercial art to video game design, become a sound technician or a graphic design expert. Career colleges provide programs that will show you just how to turn your creative abilities into a job that pays good money.

10. Specialized Crafts

Did you know there are hundreds of unique professions out there that require specific training provided at certain career colleges? You can learn bookbinding, or the delicate skills of violin making. Become an art-restoration expert and work in a famous museum. Career colleges provide high specialized programs that can secure you a job that's in high demand since not many people are able to perform it, and that's an opportunity you won't want to miss.

Get the big picture?

Career colleges can get you into an amazing job!

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