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Why should Indian students Study abroad for their UG ?

by Suresh

Study Abroad Undergraduate/UG program is perfect for you because:

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  • You can't find the right opportunity in India for your chosen career path
  • You can't make it to your dream college/course since the seats are already occupied
  • You want to try out a couple of things and then decide - but you can't pull it off in India
  • You want to see the world, travel and have fun in college. You want to know more about different cultures
  • You want the best job possbile once your studies are done.
  • You want college to add to your overall development and not just academic development.

How exactly does a UG course abroad add value?

Newsflash: In 2007, 1,60,000 Indian students traveled to the USA, Canada, UK and other countries for education.

*Study abroad education is becoming increasingly popular among Indian students*

Statistics show that the number of Indian students opting for higher studies abroad has consistently been increasing. In recent times, businesses have increasingly become global and this has in turn made education abroad a more valuable experience. While there are a number of world famous schools in India, they admit a limited number of students. Also, reservations are a reason why many Indian students can’t get admissions despite good grades. Photo 16535

Superior Facilities and Infrastructure
Educational facilities in the USA, Canada and UK are among the best in the world.

Universities have long histories, with many students making a vital contribution to the respective domain/industry/economy in the course of their careers. In terms of infrastructure, they have very well equipped labs, libraries, dormitories, etc, along with recreational and sports facilities, both of which are par excellence.

Research and development work are given great importance and this in turn leads to excellent opportunities for students to pursue research topics of their liking.

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Flexible Course Structure

Students have the option of choosing the appropriate pace for their studies. For instance, a number of students have been found to work as “co-op students” in order to gain industry exposure while continuing their studies. This not only gives them financial support, but also helps them stay abreast of the latest developments in industry. Universities allow students to restructure their courses by opting for electives so that they can pursue their interests.


Extensive alumni networking, academia-industry confluences, seminars and numerous other events contribute to healthy placements. Your college experience will put you in touch with a lot of people from around the world. You can expect placement either in the US/Canada/UK or anywhere else in the world, thus giving your career a global platform.

Further Studies

Whether it’s an MS/MTech or a PhD or an MBA that you are looking at, your application will have the added advantage that comes with an international degree. Apart from great training which will equip you suitably for higher studies, you also gain insights into their academic system. This in turn should help you perform better in your academic pursuits.

Campus Life/Diversity

Your experience of studying abroad will add to your sense of responsibility and initiative. You will see new avenues of fulfilling your ambition. You will also find it easier to communicate, make friends and work with people from all over the world.

Thus opting for undergraduate studies abroad can be the best decision of your life! Apart from its impact on your academic training, it has tremendous value as an experience that will broaden your horizons and propel your career to great heights.

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    ARIT KUMAR DASSun, 09 Nov 2008 15:48:19 -0000

    Great info . Very helpful. Thanks Suresh.

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