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World's Top 100 Universities to choose from in 2012, as per THE & Reuters

by Ritu Chandna

Times Higher Education has released its ranking of 100 best universities of the world for the year 2012 today. Harvard stands grandiosely at Number 1 yet again in 2012.

According to data collected by Times Higher Education and Thomson Reuters, Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Cambridge maintain a repeated lead in 2012 as well. University of California went a step back to No. 5 as against No. 4 last year and Stanford moved a ladder up at No. 4 in 2012.

University of Oxford, Princeton University and University of Tokyo stay consistent as No. 6, 7 and 8 yet again this time while Yale University moved one step down to No. 10 and University of California, LA took a lead three ladders up to No. 9.

Times Higher Education's basis of selection were 17,554 leading academics from 149 countries who rated campuses across the world on their research and teachings. It is interesting to know that in Times Higher Education's list of Top 50 universities, 60% of the universities are American, 12% belong to UK, Canadian and Australian are 6% and rest is spread across the globe.

You can check the entire list of 2012 Top 100 Universities of the world as rated by Times Higher Education in association with Thomson Reuters here.

2012 Rank University Country 2011 Rank
1 Harvard University United States 1
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States 2
3 University of Cambridge United Kingdom 3
4 Stanford University United States 5
5 University of California, Berkeley United States 4
6 University of Oxford United Kingdom 6
7 Princeton University United States 7
8 University of Tokyo Japan 8
9 University of California, Los Angeles United States 12
10 Yale University United States 9
11 California Institute of Technology United States 10
12 University of Michigan United States 13
13 Imperial College London United Kingdom 11
14 University of Chicago United States 15
15 Columbia University United States 23
16 Cornell University United States 16
16 University of Toronto Canada 17
18 Johns Hopkins University United States 14
19 University of Pennsylvania United States 22
20 Kyoto University Japan 18
21 University College London United Kingdom 19
22 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich Switzerland 24
23 University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign United States 21
24 National University of Singapore Singapore 27
25 University of British Columbia Canada 31
25 McGill University Canada 29
27 University of Wisconsin-Madison United States 25
28 University of Washington United States 26
29 London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom 37
30 Tsinghua University China 35
31 University of California, San Francisco United States 34
32 University of Texas at Austin United States 31
33 Duke University United States 36
34 New York University United States 51-60
35 Northwestern University United States 40
36 University of California, San Diego United States 30
37 Carnegie Mellon University United States 28
38 Peking University China 43
39 The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong 42
39 University of Massachusetts United States 19
41 Georgia Institute of Technology United States 39
42 Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen Germany 48
43 University of Melbourne Australia 45
44 Australian National University Australia 51-60
44 University of California, Davis United States 38
46 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill United States 41
47 Purdue University United States 47
49 University of Edinburgh United Kingdom 45
50 The University of Sydney Australia 51-60
51-60 Delft University of Technology Netherlands 49
51-60 Karolinska Institute Sweden 51-60
51-60 University of Manchester United Kingdom 61-70
51-60 The Ohio State University United States 51-60
51-60 Osaka University Japan 50
51-60 Pennsylvania State University United States 61-70
51-60 University of California, Santa Barbara United States 51-60
51-60 Seoul National University Korea, Republic of 51-60
51-60 Tohoku University Japan 51-60

51-60 Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan 51-60
61-70 Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne Switzerland 71-80
61-70 Hebrew University of Jerusalem Israel #N/A
61-70 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong 91-100
61-70 Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin Germany 71-80
61-70 King's College London United Kingdom 61-70
61-70 Technische Universitat Munchen Germany 61-70
61-70 University of Pittsburgh United States 51-60
61-70 University of Sao Paulo Brazil #N/A
61-70 University of Southern California United States 71-80
61-70 National Taiwan University Taiwan 81-90
71-80 University of Amsterdam Netherlands 81-90
71-80 Universitat Heidelberg Germany 81-90
71-80 Michigan State University United States 71-80
71-80 Universite Paris-Sorbonne France #N/A
71-80 The University of Queensland Australia Australia 81-90
71-80 Texas A&M University United States 81-90
71-80 Uppsala University Sweden 61-70
71-80 Utrecht University Netherlands 71-80
71-80 Washington University in St Louis United States 71-80
71-80 University of Zurich Switzerland 61-70
81-90 Brown University United States #N/A
81-90 The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong #N/A
81-90 University of Florida United States 61-70
81-90 Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Belgium 81-90
81-90 Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Korea, Republic of 91-100
81-90 University of Leeds United Kingdom 81-90
81-90 Leiden University Netherlands 81-90
81-90 Lund University Sweden 71-80
81-90 Nanyang Technological University Singapore 91-100
81-90 Tel Aviv University Israel #N/A
91-100 University of Arizona United States 71-80
91-100 Boston University United States 61-70
91-100 University of Bristol United Kingdom 81-90
91-100 Ecole Polytechnique France 61-70
91-100 Indiana University United States 81-90
91-100 Middle East Technical University Turkey #N/A
91-100 Universite Paris-Sud France #N/A
91-100 Universite Pierre et Marie Curie France #N/A
91-100 Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey United States 71-80
91-100 Wageningen University and Research Center Netherlands #N/A

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    kamlesh chouhan
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    kamlesh chouhanSat, 14 Jul 2012 09:13:48 -0000

    i want to study in abroad like usa, uk but not get the chance and dont know how to apply$?

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    Mohamed911133Mon, 30 Apr 2012 05:33:51 -0000

    I am interesting and eager to get higher Education in USA colleges as soon as possible specially i am in africa so i need to assisted by American Universities.


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    lee10000Sat, 14 Apr 2012 03:52:00 -0000

    i want to know the top US colleges for VLSI

    please let me know

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    journalistrkTue, 27 Mar 2012 07:49:30 -0000

    It's B.S. Biased Selection, that is. All it shows is who had the best PR machinery. Yes, they are all good. So are hundreds more are out there.

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