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Top Engineering Colleges in USA

by Manisha Verma

Electrical Engineering from USA is a perfect choice for students who know how to shape their career. On an average a student spend almost 10 to 12 hours in a day to study. Nowadays, just taking admission in any college abroad is not enough to build your career. You should think in advance in which USA College you want to take admission. Which course you want to pursue there? Why you want to pursue your undergraduate engineering programme from US? These are few important points which you need to ask yourself before choosing any US engineering institute.

Electrical engineering is one of the most preferred choices of students. While studying electrical engineering in USA you will get best practical knowledge and highly developed curriculum. But, this is not all; it also gives you a promising career. After completion of your programme from USA you can search for jobs around the globe. A career in electrical engineering can be challenging, rewarding, and lucrative at the same time. Besides all these attractive factors, one major thing which can prove as best move for a promising career is selecting a right university. The university which offers you best programme and the most desired industry exposure is right for any student who wants to study in USA engineering universities. Here is the latest ranking of Top US Electrical Engineering colleges from which you can select a university:

US Ranking College Name Fee City Website link
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology $40,732 Cambridge
2 Stanford University $40,569 Stanford, CA
3 University of California-Berkeley $34,645 Berkeley, CA
4 California Institute of Technology $37,704 Pasadena, CA
5 Georgia Institute of Technology $27,862 Atlanta, GA
6 University of Illinois-Urbana $27,700 Champaign, IL
7 University of Michigan-Ann Arbor $37,265 Ann Arbor, MI
8 Carnegie Mellon University $43,396 Pittsburgh, PA
9 Cornell University $41,541 Ithaca, NY
10 Purdue University-West Lafayette $27,646 West Lafayette, IN

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