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6 Best ways to stay safe in a foreign university

by Manisha Verma

Those students who want to study in a foreign country their main and primary concern is their safety in that particular country. All those students who chose a foreign country to pursue their higher studies they also pay attention to this fact that is the country safe for foreign students or not? Is that country provides safe and conducive atmosphere to students or not? UK, USA, Canada are such countries which offers a safe and healthy environment to students. In these countries most of the college campuses take all safety measures to provide a safe environment to students. Here are some useful ways that parents and students can partner with schools to keep students as safe as possible.

Know the safety offering: Always try to know that what college offers in the way of safety service. Colleges must have emergency phone lines which is foremost requirement on most of the campuses today. Always keep college emergency phone numbers with you to avoid any mishappening or at the time of emergency you can contact them easily.

Provide details: Offering information about the services in conversation with students. Always encourage them to follow the college rules and hostel rules and timing to stay safe on campus. It is always better if you know about in and out timing of the college. Always make a habit to move out in group in the dark to avoid any accident.

Stay Connected: It is always good that you stay connected with your friends and family. If you have computer and laptops in your hostel or college stay login in college id to receive all kind of official emails from college to stay updated with latest information.

Join groups and communities: In every college there are many groups and communities in which you can participate. You can join groups and communities according to your interest and likings. There are many religious, cultural and other groups so you can choose as per your interest.

Stay at college accommodation: It is always good if you stay at college hostel rather than staying off campus accommodation. If you stay at hostel accommodation it will provide you more safety and college administration and hostel administration take care of each every thing related to your safety.

Do not travel alone: It is always good that you travel in group or with the people who know the place. Before going out to a new place always know all details in advance or buy a map. It will give you a quick feel of the place so that you can know in advance that the place is safe for foreign students or not.

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