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8 Surprising facts about Higher Education in USA

by Manisha Verma

Every year there are many students who aspire to study in one of the leading Universities of USA. USA attracts large number of students every year across the world. It is one of the most preferred study abroad destinations among the foreign students. USA offers plenty of courses to students and the standard of education in USA is much higher as compared to other foreign countries. Let's check out 8 surprising facts of your dream destination:

  1. In the year 2010, almost 347,985 students earned business degree, but only 15,496 grads walked away with a degree in mathematics. This is really a surprising fact.
  2. Students pursue various majors in USA colleges but education is one field which experienced the biggest downfall in interest among undergraduates. In a 10-year period, the number of students who pursued this degree declined 5 percent.

  1. Almost 23% percent of full-time undergrads, who are 24 or younger, work 20 hours or more a week.
  2. There are just 9 percent of students who attend flagship universities and other state institutions that conduct intensive research.
  3. In USA, just 16 percent of students attend private nonprofit colleges and universities.
  4. The largest state university in the country is Arizona State University in Tempe. The largest nonprofit private university is New York University.
  5. In USA 20% of all first-time undergraduates take at least one remedial course.
  6. Between 1999 and 2009, undergrad enrollment at for-profit schools soared 539 percent compared with 32 percent for public institutions.
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