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From richest woman to Nobel Prize winners, Learnhub partner colleges boasts of great alumni

by Pritika Ghura

When Facebook founder Mark Elliot Zuckerberg became famous, there were two things about him that fascinated youngsters. One was his creation- Facebook and other was his college life at Harvard University. Like Zuckerberg, there are thousands of successful people across the world who credit their success to their education. The time they spend in college leave a huge impact on their lives. From classroom discussions to interaction with faculty, friends and internships, all this leave an impact on them, how they think and encourage them to make a success out of their life. In this article we will talk about some of these famous people and learn how their college life shaped their career.

30-year-old Yang Huiyan is the richest woman in China. With a net worth of $5.6 billion, she is the majority shareholder in Country Garden Holdings- a property development firm based in Guangdong province. She credits her success to Ohio State University where she graduated from in 2003.

Like her, there are many other successful people who create a name for themselves in this world by their hard work, planning and applying what they learned in classes meticulously. In most cases, these rich and successful people credit their success to their education.

Another story worth a mention is that of Masatoshi Koshiba. Born in 1926, this Japanese physicist won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2002. Koshiba's award-winning work centred on neutrinos, subatomic particles that had long perplexed scientists. When the media asked about his success mantra, he gave credit to his strong academic background and what he learned in University of Rochester as his recipe to success.

Echoing Koshiba's thoughts that a good education is the foundation to a successful career, Andy Thomas, an alumnus of University of Rochester, has made his alma mater proud by becoming the Heineken USA's youngest and first American CEO. He was among the pioneers who introduced Heineken Light, its first new product in more than 100 years.

Another notable contribution made to the society is by Miller Reese Hutchison. He was an American electrical engineer and inventor. He developed some of the first portable electric devices such as a vehicle horn and a hearing aid. A man who enjoyed great respect in the society, this alumnus from Spring Hill College will always be remembered as someone who used his education to make notable contributions for the mankind.

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