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America's Brainiest, Healthiest, most Affordable and Beautiful colleges

by Pritika Ghura

The United States of America is the number one study abroad destination of the world. USA is home to world's best universities and attracts students across the globe. It is especially popular among aspiring managers. According to the Council of Graduate Schools, the number of Indian students going to the US for graduate studies has increased by 8% in 2011. There are around 1, 04,897 Indians enrolled in US universities and colleges. This figure is far superior to any other country.

However, what is an interesting question to note is that students are still confused how to choose a particular college. In most cases choice of a college is determined by job prospects, availability of funds, economic trends, cultural perceptions, demographics and other criteria such as the best return on investment, alumni, etc.

Taking US magazine Newsweek's latest ranking, we have chosen 10 most important criteria and have given the best college in USA for that particular criterion. This will help you make a decision-:

Criterion Best US College as per the criteria
Future CEOs Harvard University
Best Return on Investment Princeton University
Most Affordable (Cheapest) Berea College
College that produces maximum number of future politicians Harvard University
Most Rigorous St. John's College
Least Rigorous SUNY-B College
Most accessible professors Randolph College
Healthiest Harvard University
College with maximum college geeks Harvard University
Most Beautiful College University of Mississippi

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