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Why Choose an All Women's University?

by Heather Isaac

Leadership Positions

At an all women's college every student leadership position is held by a woman. Whether it be the captain of the Football Team or president of the Student Council, women have the opportunity to take on leadership roles and try new things with no competition or judgment.

Female Mentors

More woman teachers and presidents exist at women's colleges. Therefore more of your your mentors are women who understand you and your experiences. Students have the opportunity to learn from strong role models who can create teaching styles suited to them and who can act as valuable connections in your future.

Strong Relationships

All women's colleges create environments where women do more together. Women live in an open environment where learning about different religions and cultures is encouraged and life long friendships are built.

Successful Attitudes

Women who graduate from all women's institutions claim they are more confident in the workforce. Why? They have the opportunity to participate more inside and outside of the classroom because they are the only students available to answer questions and play sports or join clubs. Women are confident and comfortable being involved and having an opinion, attitudes that create success in any career.

Opportunities to Excel in Male-Dominated Fields

Math, Science, Law and Business are fields usually described as "male-dominated." At women's colleges these programs exist, and run, purely for female students. You have the opportunity to take courses you might otherwise not take and learn in a way that best suits your needs. Women also benefit from increased recognition at women's colleges, especially in these fields.

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